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Stop kontak lantai (Floor socket)
Stop kontak lantai (Floor socket)
Tersedia Stop kontak lantai (floor socket) dengan type: Pop-up dan Fold cover.
Merk yang dapat disupply: Legrand, Albion & INDy
Tersedia dengan kombinasi module socket, seperti:
- Module Power German standard socket 2p+e 16A
- Moduel Power Two pin socket
- Module power Universal/Multifunction socket
- Module telephone socket
- Module Data socket,
- Module Audio socket
- Module VGA socket, dan sebagainya.

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Legrand,  Stop kontak lantai ( Floor socket)
Legrand, Stop kontak....

Legrand, Floor socket ( stop kontak lantai)
type: Pop-up, soft opening ( new design)
Cover: Aluminum/ Bronze/ Stainless

Available for any module of sockets, such as:

Albion,  stop kontak lantai ( floor socket)
Albion, stop kontak....

Floor socket
Available for Aluminum cover and Stainless steel cover

Brand: Albion
complete with:
1. European socket
2. 2 pin socket
3. Telephone socket
4. Data socket

round floor socket type Fold cover,  brand: INDy
round floor socket....

Price: call/email

Brand: INDy
made of China
size ( W) 108 x ( L) 108 x ( D) 48mm
Round fold cover stainless.
Available with any various of module socket, such as: i: German standard power....

Floor box,  open type cover ( able to fill with carpet) capacity 6 modules
Floor box, open type....

Price: requirement by email

Floor box, open type cover with capacity of 6 modules, able to cover with the carpet.

Brand: INDy
Made in: China

Able to customized with any various of module sockets, such....

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